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Welcome To Cubhub

Cubhub is an NFT project on the Berachain Blockchain that brings people together worldwide. Our project is all about bringing smiles to people's faces and going beyond the realm of digital collectibles. We take it a step further by incorporating AR and XR technologies, immersing you in delightful experiences.
Official Links 🌐 Website
Twitter ​🗣 Discord 🗝️ Subber Profile
We believe in bridging the gap between the virtual and physical worlds, and our vision is to create a tangible connection with our NFT holders. The cubs will come with its fresh utlities, and features and updates, that come to the aid of every member.
Once you are a cub in the hub, there is only one goal, and thats to create and embrace the magic within this creative space. With 1000 characters born from the creators of the bera's, they were transformed into entities that provided true creative nature. Together, lets turn smiles into art.
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